Rock House to Release "Modes Demystified"

One of the long awaited DVD releases from Rock House Method is about to hit the shelves. "Modes Demystified - Secrets of Lead Guitar" is a 2 DVD set that is designed for players of all skill levels and features renowned guitarist John McCarthy. 

The program starts with learning Major scale theory and learning to play the Major scale in every key. You will learn how to find the reletive Minor key for each Major scale and create master charts that are the scource of leads, chord progressions and songs. 

John teaches all seven modes derived from the Major scales and their distinct sound, which you will apply while playing over full band backing tracks.

You will also learn passing tone theory, chordal soloing, how to create a chord scale and chord progression for each scale plus the extended position of the seven note scale across the neck.

The program cracks the code that will intesify your guitar playing.


Stormy Maverick said...

To me this looks like one of Rock House's most promising DVDs. After learning the basics, this is one of the toughest spots for musicians. Too bad I play the bass! I could use this info.

MJK said...

I know what I am getting for Christmas...

sarge1875 said...

It is defenitly cutting edge. It should help people put it all together.