The Limit - "Reinventing the Sun" Review

Don't walk, run to the iTunes music store and download The Limit's latest CD "Reinventing the Sun"

Trying as good as I can to remain unbiased I have to say this is one of the freshest sounding CD's to hit the air waves in a long time.

Mark Daniel - vocals and guitar, Bob Chmiel - drums and Todd Grosberg on Bass have really hit the nail on the head when they put "Reinventing the Sun" together. Each song has amazing qualities in it and each song is different. I found while listening to it from beginning to end that there was nothing boring about this CD in the least, it kept my attention through each song.

The music takes you through many classic styles of rock and injects new energy into your system. The surprises are that as your listening to a song all the sudden it just burst into the power that we all love about good rock music. They do it all using the beauty of acoustic guitar styles in "A little Like Dying" and "Mother Maria" to hard driving rhythms in "Sky Walker" and "House of Sand"

It's a breath of fresh air to listen to "Reinventing the Sun".

Here's the link to buy or listen to "Reinventing the Sun". http://thelimitmusic.com/estore/StoreProductDetails.aspx?ProductID=70 Yes you can actually listen to the CD before you download it.

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