Paiste and Slipknot's Joey Jordison Team Up To Launch Black Alpha

The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces the introduction of Black Alpha cymbals, which have been created in collaboration with drummer extraordinaire Joey Jordison of the mega metal band Slipknot.

Initially, Paiste launches the "Slipknot Edition", which consists of Joey's personal selection of Alpha models - creating a Black Alpha Set that features the core look and sound of Joey's 2008/2009 touring set. The cymbal set consists of the 20" Metal Ride, 17", 18" and 19" Rock Crashes, an 18" Rock China, a 14" Sound Edge Hi-Hat, and a 10" Metal Splash.

Black Alpha Cymbals are initially manufactured using top-notch technology, and are then hand hammered using traditional methods, a combination that enhances quality and performance. Paiste then applies black ColorSound coating, and the series logo and model designations along with the Slipknot logo are silk screened in gold onto the cymbal's black shiny surface.

The Slipknot Edition models are bright, aggressive, and focused. The core set consists of a metallic Ride with an icy wash, coupled with powerfully cutting, sturdy Crashes and energetic, roaring Hi-Hats. The set is rounded out by a loud, shattering China and a Splash with a wild, smashing attack. The ColorSound technology adds bite to the initial attack, focuses the overtones, and adds raw presence to the overall sound character of the cymbals.

Alpha Cymbals have been well known for their first-class sound and fair prices since 1992, and feature professional character that fulfills high demands in quality and function. ColorSound is a proprietary coating for cymbals invented and pioneered by Paiste in the 1980s, which optimizes the effect of a coating on cymbal sound and is extremely durable.

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