Changing Strings on a Floyd Rose Tremelo Bridge

The Floyd Rose tremolo systems are different then normal bridges, here is the skinny.

These bridges lock each string at the bridge and the nut and require no ball at the end of the string, there are strings made specifically for these type bridges with no balls at the end but I just take regular strings and cut the balls off them (sounds painful, huh?). A word of advice DO NOT take all the strings off at once, change them one at a time, this tremolo system is based on springs that need continuous tension to stay in place.

You need to get an allen wrench that fits the piece that clamps the string onto the bridge and the nut of the guitar; these are the two spots that each string is clamped onto the guitar. Loosen the bridge clamp for any string and take out the old string, place the new string end into the space that the old string came out of and tighten the allen screw. This will secure the string at the bridge.

Next, loosen the allen screw at the nut and thread the string through the space and connect the string onto the machine head as you normally would and tune up the string.

After all the strings are replaced and tuned, tighten the clamps at the nut.

There are fine tuners that you can use for small tuning adjustments but if the strings go out of tune badly you may have to unlock the clamp at the nut and re-tune.

These bridges are pretty cool even though they are a bit of work to get used to. I'm sure you will be making some wild sounds and whammy dive bombs before you know it.

John McCarthy

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