The Best "Guitar Message Boards"

I do a lot of surfing through guitar sites. I check out the competition as much as I can. I find it funny though that when I see on their sites "The #1 Guitar Message Boards" or "The Best Guitar Message Boards" and I check it out, well there just haven't been many posts. Most of them have about 20-30 messages posted since the first of the year. I'm not going to name any or put anyones site down. Information is information where ever you find it. In fact there are several that are pretty darn good. But if you have been to those boards and have been frustrated with the amount of information you have found, don't sweat it.

According to the Rock House statistics, Musicians have posted on the message board, a total of 9208 topics with 72588 posts. Wow did I just type that? 9208 topics!

Just looking at the month of August so far there have been 23 topics started with an estimated 200 posts to these topics.

So if you want real discussions from real people or good quality answers to questions about learning to play music. Then I invite you to join us on the Rock House Message Boards.

One last thing. Leave your ego at the door, we run a clean board.


Michael Caroff said...

Sounds like you have a great message board. The only problem is, I couldn't find them! Can you post a link?

Santana Resource Site

sarge1875 said...

My bad, I had it embedded in the banner for this post. www.rockhousenethod.com