Using The Handmaster Plus

A couple weeks ago I got a Handmaster Plus to help strengthen my hands and see if it could help me out with hand problems I've run into.

Out of the box it almost looks like a toy. My Schnauzer sat there staring at me while I was looking it over, waiting for me to throw it across the room so she could fetch it. But a toy it is not. Eager to get right to it I strapped that baby to my fingers and started to go at it. Squeezing the ball and stretching the fingers.

I'm not really what you would call a small guy or weak at all but, after about 30 repetitions with The Handmaster I was thinking wholly smokes my hand strength sucks. I was amazed at how weak my hands were. I'm sitting there thinking that I was going about this thing all wrong. So I did the unthinkable, I read the instructions!

If there is a complaint about this product it would have to be the instructions. Their pretty straight forward. Put the bands on your fingers, squeeze the ball for one second, open your hand and spread your fingers for one second. Then there were some pictures showing various ways to use the exercise ball. I needed more. I googled The Handmaster Plus and found some instructional videos posted on You Tube.

Although I haven't really had a chance to put it to the test with playing guitar I can honestly see where this thing can have major benefits in helping with finger and joint soreness from playing the guitar. It's a small investment to take care of your personal instruments that allow you to play an instrument.


andy ... Vancouver, Canada said...

I'm a jazz drummer and also play guitar and bass for various groups. Tedonitis was killing my work prospects, had to turn down shows. I've researched this subject for months, done physio, acupuncture etc. then stumbled on to this goofy handmaster thing. It's no 'cure' but it has helped in a way nothing else has.

For the few bucks ... try it.

sarge1875 said...

I know exactly what you mean Andy. I have one also and it actually did help with some hand ailments I had.