It pays to read about gear, parts and accessories. I popped open my email last night. Low and behold there it was.....an article on active and passive pickups.

It's a subject that guitarist hold dear to their heart and soul. Their ears too, sound and tone is what everyone is chasing. We're either chasing that tone that will set us apart from other performers or looking for the tone or sound of the artist we want to sound like. The pickups you use will certainly play a major roll in this.

Back to the article. In Premier Guitar on line magazine is an article written by Kenny Rardin that takes you through a journey and look at the evolution of the pickup in search of clues for the answers we seek most.......Which pick up do I need.

The article begins by taking you through a short history of the evolution of the pickup. It includes talk about pots, covers and the birth of active pickups. It finishes with some points to consider when choosing the pickups you want to use.

Key points to choosing a pickup according to the article are:
  • The type of guitar, including woods, bridge and scale length.
  • The type of amps you will use.
  • The type of pedals you use.
  • What music style you play.
  • What exactly you want your guitar tone to do.

The detailed article is here http://digital.premierguitar.com/premierguitar/200808/?folio=112


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