Pick Harmonics - Making it Scream

Are you having troubles making those pick harmonics scream?

Volume can be one factor in making pinch or pick harmonics more audible. Here are the main ingredients for creating these scream sounds so they cut through:

1. Choke up on the pick; hold the pick with just a tiny bit of the tip showing.
2. This technique is created by striking the string with the tip of the pick then in the same motion slightly touch the side of your thumb on the string just grazing it.
3. Where you pick the string makes a big difference in the sound, try to move your pick left and right and try to find the "Sweet Spot" every guitar is different so you must experiment.
4. DISTORTION, DISTORTION, DISTORTION, This is the main ingredient that give the harmonic its power and sequel.
5. Use your bridge pick up, it is able to pick up these frequencies more effectively.

It does take time to master this technique but with practice it will become second nature. I practice pick harmonics while playing scales on every note to break up the monotony.

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