Numb Fingers Got The Best Of Me

I went to the Doctor yesterday to get checked out for a few things. One of the problems I am having is numbness in my left hand, in particular my finger tips. It’s been a real pain playing guitar since it started. Finding strings with numb fingers doesn’t work well at all. In fact it seems almost impossible on some days. To be honest one of the worst things I could imagine is going through the rest of my life not being able to play my guitar.

It started about 2 months ago. I have no idea why, I don’t remember doing anything that would cause my fingers to go numb. I thought maybe I jammed my neck or arm while working. After 20 plus years of scuffling with other people it seemed like a logical reason why my hand and finger tips might be numb. I did the usual denial thing, you know, you tell yourself that it’ll heal or get better and then complain about it. Then your wife gets on your case to go it checked out so you do.

I found myself at the chiropractor about 2 weeks later. I have the utmost respect for my chiropractor, he’s fixed me more times than I care to remember. He made some adjustments to my neck, elbow and wrist. As usual I received immediate relief. I left happy as can be until about a half hour later when things started to go numb again. I returned about a half dozen times to be adjusted and ended up with the same results. I finally gave up and resigned myself to the thought that it would just eventually go away.

Speed ahead to about 2 weeks ago. My knuckles are now aching and I again an spending time convincing myself that things will just go away and get better. Keeping on with my self healing ways I get some cream for my hands. It covers the pain up while I play guitar. I’m happy because I can play again but still complaining. Enter into the scene my wife, again. “You should really go get that checked out idiot….er…sweetheart.”

As I started this post out yesterday I went to my family Doctor to get some things checked out. While I was there I asked if he had time to talk about my hand, which he was happy to do. I told him about my road traveled with the numbing and aching in my hand. The good Doctor was more than willing to check out my complaint. He began by beating me with his little rubber hammer to see if it caused any different sensations in my hand. It didn’t. Then he had me put the back of my hands together, with my fingers pointed down. It was like magic. My left finger tips instantly went numb.

His preliminary prognosis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I now have a handy dandy wrist brace to sleep with. I used it last night for the first time and I must admit I woke up this morning feeling no numbness in my hand or fingertips.

By the way, I also ordered Dr. Zachery’s Handmaster Plus yesterday from Rock House. I figure it can’t hurt and it would be a perfect opportunity to actually put it to the test. The Handmaster Plus is used in the prevention and rehabilitation of most hand, wrist and elbow conditions, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress.



StormyMaverick said...

WOW! This is deja vous or something considering the four weeks of warning we had about this particular affliction! I guess this should be a warning to the rest of us that we need to take those words of wisdom about hand health seriously!

sarge1875 said...

On a very serious note Stormy YES! Take care of your intruments (hands and fingers) so you can play your instrument. My intention with this story is not for sympathy. It's just an example of what can happen and the follow up storys will simply tell of any progess made while I figure this thing out. All I can say right now though is that it really stinks.

Gary said...

Hi Curt,

Sorry to hear about your hand problem. Hope it gets better real soon.

sarge1875 said...

Thanks Gary, I pretty positive about the whole thing.