New From Summer NAMM - The Ibanez MIMX Amp

The Ibanez MIMX30 has so much versatility packed into its diminutive cabinet; you'll wonder if there's some sleight-of-hand trickery going on. The MIMX30 fully digital modeling combo boasts 30 watts, a 10" speaker, 11 amp models (from Clean to 'Psycho'), 18 built-in effects and a built-in rhythm machine with 26 different rhythm patterns to groove or practice to. No other modeling amp delivers this much power and this many features in such a compact unit.


Amp Selections. 11amp models with the widest amp/tonal type variation availble.

Built-in effects. 18 digital effects (up to two effects simultaneously).

Built-in Rhythm Machine. 26 rhythm patterns. Wide range of rhythms for any kind of practice, recording or gig: metal, Latin, hip-hop, ballad, shuffle, hard rock and more.

  • 30 Watt Guitar Amp
  • 10" Speaker
  • Fully Digital Programmable Preamp with,11 Amp Models
  • 4 Memory Locations
  • 26 Rhythm Patterns
  • 18 Digital Effects
  • CD/MP3 Input
  • Headphones/Record Out
  • Optional IFS2M Foot Controller
  • 17.4"w x 16.1"h x 8.7"d
  • 19.4lbs

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