MTV plans 24/7 Music This Summer

I'm digging through some news releases this morning and came accross one from MTV that says “IT’S AN F’N MTV SUMMER!!!” MTV’s “F’N MTV” Celebrates Music Videos, Music Fans & Music Artists In A New 24/7 Non-Stop, Interactive Music Event Embracing the Best Music Experiences From TV and the Web.

It sounds like a good plan but I've been turned off by MTV since they veered away from showing music videos and concerts and went into the "reality TV" business, I've just never really been into it. My kids all think I'm crazy and heaven forbid the thought that I'm too old for MTV.

I'm axious to see what the summer is going to bring. According to their press release here's what you can expect.

What is "F’N MTV?" A 24/7 non-stop summer music celebration for and by the music fans, combining the best music experiences from TV and the Web. Each week MTV will premiere exclusive music videos and performances from the most talked about and soon to be talked about musicians. But in the end, it is all about the fans – as MTV turns over the controls to let them create their own music experiences on MTV.com and choose the best of the best to make it onto MTV for the world to see.

Kicking off "F’N MTV" will be "F’N MTV Premieres…" beginning Friday, June 13th at 8pm ET/PT. The new Friday night music event, hosted by talented musician, entrepreneur and activist, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, will shine the spotlight on what viewers love best about music on television – the exclusive, epic live event that can’t be missed. Each week MTV will exclusively debut the hottest videos and set the stage for amazing live performances and special guest appearances. Artists featured on "F’N MTV Premieres…" will range from the up and coming to the already arrived. Panic at the Disco, Flo-Rida, The Ting Tings, Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Wayne, The Pussycat Dolls, Duffy, Boys Like Girls and Vampire Weekend are some of the enormous talent already confirmed for the show.Usher? Send in those Karaoke videos! Do you have an opinion about a video you want to weigh in on? We want to hear your review! The F’N MTV site on http://www.MTV.com will be the place for users to view all the submitted UGC. Music fans will then be the judge and jury as they determine the best of the best fan-submitted content that will make its way back onto the MTV big screen—from fan-submitted videos to user text comments, each showcased with the corresponding music videos played on-air.

After the debut of exclusive new videos and live performances each Friday night, the show never stops throughout the week, as fans are invited to put their own take on the music they have seen—like it? hate it? play with it, create it, and totally reinterpret it! Can you measure up to the vocal styling’s of

"F is for feedback, N is for new, and together ‘F’N MTV’ is the summer music event that brings it all together. Starting in June, MTV will focus on exclusive NEW music video premieres, and via mtv.com, the instantaneous feedback from our audience and culture at large as they make the music their own," said Brian Graden, President of Entertainment, MTV Music Group. "MTV’s new paradigm enables us to not only initiate a conversation around music via flagship premieres, but also reflect that conversation back on television in real time. ‘F’N MTV,’ along with interactive amateur competitions like ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ and ‘Making the Band,’ the perennial viewer-driven ‘TRL,’ further MTV’s mission of enabling this generation’s great musical democracy."

"Our audience has an insatiable hunger for the new and the fresh… We’re going to be loud about what’s new and use the power of MTV to engage music fans around music videos." said Amy Doyle, SVP, Music and Talent, MTV. "Every week this summer we are going to highlight the most exciting artists and music and elevate the true art of the music video."

MHD will also add to the "F’N MTV" summer music strategy by airing weekly "F’N MTV Premieres… Live Sets" show packages consisting of live performances that were featured on the show. Each performance package will air several times in HD throughout the week after their Friday premiere. In addition, leading up the "F’N MTV Premieres…" show’s season finale MHD will run a marathon of all the Live Sets featured.

MTV will ask the audience to submit their UGC creations using MTV Mobile. Also, through text messaging viewers will be able to answer polls and submit comments about videos shown on-air as well as check out select live performance from the "F’N MTV Premieres…." show.

Dave Sirulnick and Jesse Ignjatovic (Den of Thieves) serve as Executive Producers for the “F’N MTV Premieres…” show. Amy Doyle and Joanna Bomberg serve as Executives in Charge of Music & Talent. Garrett English is Executive in Charge. Jen Jones serves as Producer.

Official sponsors of “F’N MTV Premieres…” are Verizon Wireless and Rhapsody.

Source: MTV Press Release
Author: Curt Moye

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