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Rob Arnolds band Chimaira announced this week that they now have an official Facebook page. They plan on adding tons of content to the over the next few weeks. Click here to check it out.

Chimaira is offering a digital deluxe edition for Resurrection and is available only on iTunes. The iTunes version has 2 bonus tracks “kingdom of Heartache” and “Paralyzed”. There is also an exclusive extended clip from Rob Arnolds instructional DVD from Rock House. Click here to purchase now!

If you missed out on the special addition od Resurrestion (the one with the documentary about making the album) you can still get it. It’s available for download at a very low price. Click here to buy now!

Source: Chimaira
Post: Curt Moye

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Anonymous said...

One question here. What does the text in this one have to do with extending a pentatonic scale into an eighth note? I think some wires got crossed somewhere.