Getting Around The Rock House Blog Site

We appreciate all the visitors to The Rock House Blog. We seem to get a ton of first timers, so I thought I would put a little piece together to help people navigate the blog.

The first thing you should notice (and use) is the search function at the top of the page. Type in a keyword or two and if there's been an article done on it on The Rock House Blog then it will take you to a results page. For example if you type in John McCarthy the search will give you all the articles that mention John McCarthy and all the articles that have his name tagged with the article. Pretty simple, it works like any other search engine except it give you results for The Rock House Blog.

Going down the right side of the page starting at the top:

  1. The Rock House logo will take you to The Rock House Method home page.
  2. Next you can click on the subscription text and be taken to a page where you can subscribe to an RSS feeder to get daily updates of content added to the blog.
  3. You can leave a comment about the blog at blogger.com or technorari.com
  4. If you have any music news you feel would be relevant to the blog you can e mail the info to me through the e mail link.
  5. View our top tags from the blog. These would be article tags that other people find interesting enough to read.
  6. A list of links that we have found compliment The Rock House Blog.
  7. The list of blog team members (clicking their name will take you to their profile)
  8. The Blog archive, probably one of the best features of the blog. you can expand and collapse each month of the blog and see the names of the articles that have been written so you don't need to go through each page to get to a particular article.
  9. Jiglu - if you click on this it will give you a list of top tags relevant to the blog.
  10. Most of the other little button are linked to blog search engines and ratings, click them if you want to search for other blogs.

At the bottom of the page are links to The Rock House podcasts (FREE) and a link to the blues web ring. If you like the blues there are over 300 web sites that are blues related in this web ring. Clicking on the button will take you main page where they are listed.

That's pretty much it. It's pretty easy to navigate so take a few minutes (or hours) and look around.

Happy reading and learning,

Curt Moye

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