Audio Vamp Asking for Help With New CD

Rock House Methods "Professor" Jim Rutkowski has been pretty ambitious lately with a couple projects. He's been working on a CD with singer/songwriter Sharon Zaubi. The name of their band is called Audio Vamp.

The self titled CD is to be release toward the end of this summer but, before they can release it they have a major dilemma. They can't decide what version of the song "Daydream Baby" to release on the CD. There is an acoustic version and an electric version on their site http://www.myspace.com/zaubihomepage .

The professor tells me that they are going to put the version of "Daydream Baby" on their new CD that the people and their fans vote for.

Help Audio Vamp out, go their MySpace site, listen to the 2 versions and leave a comment on which version of the song you like.

I'm leaning toward the non-acoustic version myself but not sure yet.

Author: Curt Moye

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