Alexi Laiho - The Gear He Uses

Continuing on the Rock House Artist/Instructor series about instructors and the gear they use we move onto Alexi Laiho. Alexi is another fine example of simplicity. A couple pedals and big amp rig, that's it. I was actually a little surprised when I saw the list.

3 ESP Alexi Laiho Signature guitars
Shure UHF Marcad Diversity MKII wireless receiver
Lee Jackson Perfect Connection GP-1000 tube preamp
RSP 2400 Hush/Enhancer/Exciter
Rocktron Intellifex
VHT Two/Fifty/Two Stereo tube power amp
Marshall 1960B Straight front, 300W Stereo 4×12 Cab
2 75-watt Celestion G12T-75 Speakers

If I missed anything leave a comment and I'll add it to the list.

Author: Curt Moye

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Donatas said...

What pedals he use?