The Weekend Plan

It’s Memorial Day weekend. Schools are getting out, vacations are starting, and people are camping and spending a lot of time with family and friends this weekend. But, there are many of us that have spouses working or worse yet! It’s supposed to rain all weekend! UHG….. That’s what the weather forecast is in my part of the world is supposed to be like this weekend. What’s a musician to do?

Well geez McCarthy, McCarvill, Rizzo and Arnold are always hounding us to play or practice as much as you can, so that’s just what I’m going to do.

So, while the wife’s away this boy is going to play and here’s my game plan:

  • Hit the blog and learn the Daughtry song “Home” LINK

  • Check out some of the lessons at Professor Jims spot on Rock House LINK

  • Check out some cool lessons on Rock House You Tube LINK

Hit a few of my favorite blogs like ActoGuitar, IG blog, GuitarMX and Mark Weins blog

Yep it may be raining this weekend but the sun’s gonna be shining in my music room.

Author: Curt Moye a.k.a. sarge1875

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