Listen to Joe and John's Two Part Interview with Dennis Logan on www.YouRockRadio.com

This has come and past but the interview has been archived. It's defenitly worth your time to listen to it.

Listen to Joe and John of Rock interview with Dennis Logan on www.YouRockRadio.com. The Show "The Whole Things Going Down, With Dennis Logan", gives independant musicians the inside sccop on opportuinites in the music business and resources available to them. Part 1 aired on Monday April 7 at 8:00pm PST, you can link over and listen that show or you can listen on April 14 at 8:00pm PST. If you miss it don't worry they are archived so you can listen when you're ready.
Long before there was a MySpace, or Facebook, when Google represented infinity, and Yahoo was something you called a man from the South, there was the void.

In this vacuum was a sound, the sound of guitars and moppy haired men, and they called themselves a name similar to a bug. Music existed before this time, and snake-like men with swiveling hips gyrated into the hearts and minds of women all over the world... Rock and Roll was its birth name!

In the early years , the Sixties, I found myself in a mystical time, a time of woman style hair on men, and power to the people. It was a fascinating era to grow up in. Music was everywhere, soul music, rhythm and blues, free love and high taxes. Living in a suburb of Los Angeles known as Hawthorne, California, I was in good company, for this was the home of the Beach Boys and all of us wanted to come on a safari with them.

Not far from my Home was Capital Records, Hollywood and Vine and up the coast, the late great Haight Ashbury. All of these locations still exist, but few of them will ever be quite the same as they were in the 1960's. In many cases, this may be for the best.

Music was such an integrated form of expression among the youth of America, that one hardly noticed until another guitar hero or blues queen overdosed and became ashes to ashes. The music of that time period still carries with it the essence of a nonsensical war, the idea of peace, and some imaginings of revolution!

After the Hells Angels and the Rolling Stones decided the decade of flowers and free love was over with, most of us went back to the daily grind, the Cambodian border only loomed in our peripheral vision, unless of course our number was up. Canada became the grand vacation destination for those who set the flame to the shame, then maybe only a Queen could save their soul!

While I don't remember much about adult issues surrounding these strange days, I do have the history of a child who existed behind the Looking Glass, and the White Rabbit in the mirror was I! Living in the shadow life of the proton-neutron collision effect, I found myself a child of the Cold War era, fascinated with One Small Step and discovering the ability to chemically enhance my black and white television experience, always searching for the one thing I could identify with. I never actually found it...

Until now!

You Rock Radio is my pride, my joy! And from it springs the yearning of a generation, the Digital Children of the 21st Century!

How blessed are thee to be born in this age, a wonderfully open world of communication and creativity. Never has there been such opportunity, and at the same time, so much misunderstanding. Media is counted in nanoseconds and people are having more and more difficulty finding their hero's. This is not just a symptom focused on the youth of today, but for many of us, young and old, it is hard to understand the value and sentiment of real people, in real time.

Everything revolves around commercialism, and the media personalities are here today, gone in 60 seconds, and most of us have no idea what these people are about. The focus of You Rock Radio is to capture some of the charm of yesterday using the vast resources of the age we now live in, and bring our world a little closer to the heart.

You Rock Radio is a culmination of almost 29 years of misunderstanding. The things that I have been personally preaching has fallen on deaf ears. When I was first introduced to the Internet, there was no name for it. In 1979, I worked with Wang and IBM mainframe computers in the military, and we were being introduced to a station to station network of the Cold War Era, designed to lock in communication in the event of a nuclear war, and this network became what we call the Internet today.

Very early, in the mid-1990's, I developed a program that was going to change the way music was distributed. When the Dot-Com explosion happened, those efforts had to be put on the back burner. It was a nail-biter for me, watching Napster and then iTunes come into being, along with 10,000 music websites and all of the social networks. As of yet, no one has even come close to the system that I designed for delivering music. Most people don't even believe it exists. Now is the appropriate time to make this happen! It is a winning situation for both the music fan and the artist. The problem is that whenever someone comes up with a novel plan, they sell out to the highest bidder. Not this kid, no sir!

You Rock Radio is a rallying point, a place for music fans and the people who create music to get together and have a chance to know each other on a real world basis. As you watch the development of this radio station, you are going to see that the things that we do are unlike any other destination on the Internet for music and entertainment. The methods and systems, while familiar on some level, are unique to the general way things are being done online today. For instance, our radio shows are REAL shows, not some mindless playlist of songs that anyone can get on any P2P or torrent network! We hire people who are unique personalities who will escort you through time with various music artists and creative people of our day.

At You Rock Radio our gimmick is that there is no gimmick. What we offer is quality programs and a sense of pride with what we do. Our main focus is to provide something that is worth taking the time to participate in. With so much hype and nothing to back it up, many websites today rely on mind numbing content that has no real lasting value to people in the long term. You Rock Radio offers a real commodity in the vast sea of nothingness called the Internet!

You Rock Radio is a work in progress. The only thing that makes it worth coming to work every day is knowing that you will have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the real working artists in your community. To us at this station, the words describing some of the extreme talent out there today is not sufficient. Independent, unsigned, and labels like this are not acceptable. This community of artists has more talent, resources, and personal fortitude than any other generation of artists preceding it! And at You Rock Radio... That is the word!

Welcome to YouRockRadio.com!

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