Rock House Method Link of The Day - Share Section

So you wanna be a rock star, huh? The Rock House Method Link of The Day is the Share Section of Rock House. A place where members can share their very own tunes. At a quick glance there are over 100 uploads of The Rock House Method members music.

Part of your development as a musician is allowing others to listen to your music. Here registered members can share their very own tunes, have others listen and give feedback through the rating system.

Don't be shy, it doesn't matter if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, Rock House is all about sharing the expirence and supporting each other regardless of ability, so get to posting!

ANYONE can post, aspiring musicians, established bands, solo artist, bands trying to make it, the guy next door, your uncle Phil. Tell your friends who play to get up here and post.

If you are a registered member you will be able to listen to the music, download your own music and rate others. If your a non-registered member that's ok we got you covered. you can still listen to the music.

Check out what the members are recording here -----> HERE

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