Rock House Link of The Day - Mike Carr

The Rock House Link of The Day is our very own Mike Carr. Mike is like the Shell answer man of The Rock House Forums. If you want to know about it, or how to play it, or why it's the way that it is, he knows and he's more than willing to explain it to you.

Mike is the king of the CAGED system, equipment and helpful links. Mike was one of the first member of Rock House, JP co-owner of The Rock House Method often jokes that Mike was like member number 50. There are currently more than 115,000 registered members at Rock House. He has made over 8,000 helpful posts to members in need of advice.

Mike other interests other than music and guitars are his family, cage fighting and simply helping others. He has even given away some of his older gear, books and videos to new members needing at hand at getting started on their music venture.

Mike doesn't have any personal web sites. Well he has a MySpace site, but doesn't have time to keep up with it. So, he sent me a list of the 5 web sites he thinks a person learning to play music would benefit the most from.

Mike's MOM Page at Rock House
The Stomp Box
Project Guitar
Look no Hands Chord House
Record Producer

Now those are truly great links.

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Darkstrike said...

Wise dude is Mike, the Yoda of rock!