Rock House Link of The Day - Steve Belong

Rock House Member Steve Belong is The Rock House Link of The Day. Steve was one of the first 2 first musicians featured as member of the month on Rock Houses newest project Jam Pages.

Steves says "I started playing at the age of 15 and am for the most part self taught. Some of my early influences included: Malmsteen, Batio, Becker, Friedman Bach & Paganini; but also influenced by many styles including: neoclassical, metal, classical, blues & classic rock. Started playing in a band at the age of 16 and by 17 was gigging local establishments and events in Liverpool and the surrounding areas, as both lead guitarist and lead vocalist. In recent years I’ve been focusing more on songwriting, recording and trying to find a label. However, I enjoy giving guitar lessons and assisting new guitarists on instructional sites such as "RockHouseMethod.com" whenever time allows. I’ve been gaining some fans as of late, by being played on internet radio stations & podcasts and even winning a top 20 prize in an online song competition for "SoundClick.com.". I’m currently looking for a label and in the process of writing new material for a debut album.

You can listen to Steves music and read more about him at the links below.

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