GHS and Carlos Santana team up for The Milagro Foundation

Carlos Santana Signature Series Big Core
Roundwound Nickel
Thanks to Rene Martinez, GHS is proud to bring you the guitar tones that have defined music for the last 20 years. Ren worked as a guitar technician for some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Brickwell, Clint Black, The Moody Blues, and Prince. As a musician, RenÈ understood what the players wanted and in turn developed his own new products and techniques for them to use. Now, GHS proudly introduces the Carlos Santana ìBig Coreî Signature Series strings developed by RenÈ Martinez

Larger Diameter Core Wire

Pure Nickel Wrap

Increased Volume and Brightness

Vintage Tone* Great for Standard and Drop Tuning

Available in 4 custom gauges

Proceeds of each purchase of the Santana Signature Series go to the Milagro Foundation. Milagro is the charitable public foundation established by Deborah and Carlos Santana. Milagro makes grants to community based organizations that work with children around the world in the area of arts, education and health. http://www.milagrofoundation.org/

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