Albert Margolis - New project in the works

I received an email from Albert Margolis about a new TV pilot he's been working on. Here is what he tells me.

.............I'm rehearsing with a band that is involved with a pilot for a reality TV show. It's current working title is "57 Now or Never". It's about this 57 year-old singer songwriter who had been living in Nashville and was approached by someone who had worked with Bob Dylan back in the 60's to write music for an album. This lyricist has some very current songs that are still protest-like but about today's issues. Anyway - long story short, they recorded an album and I was on the session. It's done and several of the tunes are in rotation on a few Clearchannel stations in the southwest and they have been charting on Broadjam - www.broadjam.com. The TV series has yet to be picked up, but there is interest from several large networks. The music is in the vein of Dylan/Petty/Springsteen type Americana and has lots of great hooks both lyrically and musically.

You can hear the tunes at:


You can find more out about Albert Margolis at Rock House Method or Alberts web site.

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