Rusty Cooley Shows Off His New Dean RC8 Guitar - Video and Pics

I just got an email from Rock House Instructor Rusty Cooley. He said "Dude, check out my new Dean RC8", I took one look and said to myself said holy *hit that has to be one of the sweetest axes I've seen in a long time and it has Rusty's persona written all over it. Check out the pics below and then the video.

Rusty also told me that he is selling his Bogner Uberschall that he used to record all of the leads on Outworld's cd on Ebay... Ebay Link

Rusty also still has a few openings for students at the Rusty Cooley School of Rock for both in person in The Woodlands or online. Contact Rusty through http://www.rustycooley.com/

Now the pics of his Dean RC8


thegitfiddle.com said...

Great looking guitar. But how he ever mastered an 8 string guitar is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

@thegitfiddle.com He is Rusty Cooley, I rest my case.