A Review of Learn Rock Drums feat. Mark Manczuk (Guest Post)

Review by: Kyle Hume

When I first got this DVD I was a little skeptical about someone being able to learn how to play drums through a DVD. You see, I have been an avid drummer for more than ten years and feel I have a really good grasp on it and I got that way by attending lessons and tons of practice. After viewing this DVD I was really impressed they covered everything I could think of and made it clear to understand and follow.

If you are a person who wants to learn how to play drums this is the program for you. You will be taught how to use the correct posture, how to set up your drum set, proper stick motion and even how to pick out the right sticks for what you might want to play.

What I found really impressive is how well it is stressed that you need to use a metronome and correct counting when playing, this is key if you ever intend on speeding up what you are playing. This program covers note values and how to play grooves for each one including quarter, eighth, sixteenth, and triplet notes. Once you have learned how to play the grooves you will then be shown how to play fills, which are the key to change in the music you play. You will know how to grip your sticks, the motion of how to strike the drum and how to create dynamics with different stick heights.

The 5 lessons I found most appealing among the many in the DVD are:

1) Posture
2) Counting, all sections, if you can’t count it how can you play it?
3) Grooves, all 4 quarter, eighth, sixteenth, and triplet
4) Fills, this is how you create change in the music
5) Match Grip, this was my first grip too, it’s really important you get this down perfectly.

I recommend this program to all who are looking to learn drums and even those who need to brush up on some basic skills. This is a must have for any musician with an interest in drums, a great Roc House Method product!

Editor’s note: Learn Rock Drums is designed for someone with little or no experience, for more info you check it put at http://www.rockhousemethod.com/

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