Links of the Day - Kevin McCreery

I love the sound of UGLY. They cover it all from the southern rock sounds to the old school hard rock that makes people want to get up out of their seats and take part in the music at one of their shows. The band keeps true to a what I call a real rock band. 1 Guitarist, 1 bassist, 1 drummer and a singer with a killer tone. It just don't get any better than that.

UGLY features one of Rock House Methods artist/instructors - Kevin McCreey.

Kevin actually started playing the drums at age 5 and turned to playing the guitar at age 8. His influences were the best in the business. Page, Ace Freehley, Ted Nugent, Michael Schenker, Mark Farner, Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhodes, and of course hid Dad who was involved in a band.

In his early days he stayed busy playing the Detroit circuit with several bands. At one time considered quiting the business but while working in the Gibson factory in Memphis and playing studio sessions he met up with the guys that would form his next band Outspoken. They produced a top 10 single called farther. After Outspoken broke up, Kevin found himself playing guitar for Tantric.

Today his band UGLY even though in it's infancy is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.

Kevin is featured in The Rock House Methods - House of Blues - Beginner El electric Guitar.

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