Review of "Cool Picks" Guitar Picks

I have decided to write a brief review about a guitar pick I came across pretty much by accident but have fell totally in love with their products.

I will only be able to tell you about 2 of their picks which are the ones that I personally use, but just so you know they offer a very large variety of picks for pretty much any type of picking style.

The picks are called “Cool Picks” and are manufactured by Cool Music Inc.

Their picks use some very unique grip designs that make them almost impossible to slip out of your fingers, even when playing hard and sweating.
The process is secret of course and even I do not know the details. What they do is add a rubberized material to the top of the pick where your thumb and finger grip it, they also use a sand like texture on some models. I have not tested those yet but I plan to very soon.

The 2 picks I have used (and still use exclusively). Are what I’m going to write about here.
A few years ago a friend of mine handed me a pick I had never seen before. I had a problem with traditional picks slipping out of my hand. He said try this and see if it helps.

It was the Cool Cell which is made of 100% celluloid and has a white mother of pearl shell coloring. It comes in 3 different gauges .50 .75 and 1.0. I personally use the .75 and it works for pretty much any type of music I feel like playing. It is ridged enough to attack hard if I want to but can still strum very lightly and cleanly. It leaves your highs bright and your lows deep and rich. I can’t say enough about this pick as just a great all around pick.

I became hooked on these picks after that day and finally found places to purchase them.

As I have said before I play acoustic only now so I decided to try their Pure Cell pick which also comes in gauges .50 .75 and 1.0. It has a tortoise shell coloring.
It is also made from 100% celluloid and uses what the company calls “Pure Micron Accu Grip”. To me the grip feels almost identical to the Cool Cell but the pick itself somehow has some very minor differences when playing.

I have no idea how they accomplished making it out of the exact same material in the same gauges and yet it seems to play just a tiny bit thinner. It is just a touch more responsive if you are playing Bluegrass, or country songs that mix a lot of short runs and different strumming patterns. This is my go to pick over any other. And I have some picks that cost anywhere from .10 cents to $30.00 each. But none of those match the sound and grip I get from either of these picks.

I use the medium gauge .75 in both picks. I have tried the heavier gauges but for my Martin acoustic the .75 work perfectly.

You can’t find these picks just anywhere. You will not find them in the massive chain or online stores. This company is very selective about who they choose as dealers for their products. I kind of like that. And sorry but you can’t order their products from them directly.

I will include where I normally order mine from, you can also go to their website for a list of dealers.

Bottom line: You owe it to yourself to try these picks. I have found that the average street price is about .80 cents each so they do cost a tiny bit more than many other picks but, well worth the few extra cents you will pay.

Give them a try and please respond back to this post and give me your own thoughts and experiences with them.

Terry White

Useful links

Elderly Instruments. This is where I normally order Cool Picks from

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